Sara Marie Barron shares throwback visuals for her reflective single “Shiver” [Video]

Detroit-based experimental artist Sara Marie Barron burst onto the scene in 2018 with her debut album Sad, But True, and followed it with her sophomore record, Existential Glam in 2020 which solidified her vision of fusing the grace and gusto of 60’s soul (Etta James, Nina Simone) up to contemporary influences from the indulgent melodrama of 90’s pop stars (Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera) and recent R&B/neo-soul dynamos (Alicia Keys and Amy Winehouse, particularly).

She currently working on her new  Angel Numbers EP but in the meantime, she returns with the video for the single “Shiver”. Lyrically, Barron explores her relationship with herself, her partner and her dreams. The songs drip with solitude and reflection, mirroring the time they were written – in the midst of 2020’s lockdown.

Musically, Barron dips her toes deeper into electronic production, while maintaining her unique songwriting style. At the end of the day, Barron isn’t writing about anything new; She’s writing about uncertainty, love, sex, and self-worth. But she’s doing it her way, hoping that it will inspire others to write their own stories as well.

The visual concept has a 90s cinematic feel and DIY aesthetics and follows Sara with her squad as they extract an unknowing fella from the streets and give him some sort of presidential treatment in an undisclosed location. The visuals also make use of retro elements and stylish performance shots of the singer in her true element.

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