SCOPETANI brings Afro House mainstream with the new single “Querida” in alliance with Cafe De Anatolia

Celebrated French DJ and electronic dance music (EDM) producer, SCOPETANI, is set to launch his highly anticipated single “Querida,” a captivating venture into the booming Afro-House genre. This exhilarating release, featuring renowned music collective Cafe De Anatolia, is primed to imprint significantly on the global dance music scene.

SCOPETANI, known for his innovative style, began his musical journey in Marseille, where his unique sound resonated within the city’s vibrant EDM community. His career trajectory took off after securing a five-year residency at the exclusive SportBeach Club, establishing him as an influential figure in the industry.

“Querida” marks a pivotal moment in SCOPETANI’s career as he delves into Afro House, an emerging genre that masterfully blends traditional African rhythms with modern house music. The single exemplifies SCOPETANI’s innate ability to create electrifying soundscapes that transcend conventional EDM boundaries.

“Querida” proves SCOPETANI’s boldness as an artist and a beacon for the future of dance music. As he continues to innovate and experiment, SCOPETANI’s star is set to keep rising in the EDM industry.

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