Selwood returns with exciting new single "Again"

Sam Nangali, better known by stage name Selwood, is a rising artist in the North Carolina scene. After working with his collective, Terra Cotta, Selwood has been working to build his solo career for the past year. Following up the emotional ballad that was his last single, “reality”, Selwood returns with a more upbeat and summer cut, “Again”.

“Again” feels like a burst of energy, with a bright and fresh feel to it. The production is filled with melodic guitars and beachy drums. Vocally, Selwood showcases his impressive vocal skills, as he flows effortlessly over the production. While the song has a more playful tone to it, the lyrics paint a more melancholy picture. Selwood sings about a soon to be broken relationship and the conflict that ensues.

“Again” is a great addition to Selwood’s discography. The track displays his versatility and ability to create complex and layered tracks. It’s clear Selwood is fitting into his new sound and establishing himself as a solo artist.


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