Aruna reflects on complexities of relationships on “Good Guy”

Kolkata-born and raised emerging talent Aruna reflects on the complexities of relationships on “Good Guy,” a pop-punk anthem with a raw and gritty approach. Framed by a fuzzy and rustic style, the track showcases her buoyant DIY style as she seamlessly weaves through pop rock and modern pop touches.

Offering up a relatable narrative on navigating the challenges of finding the right guy and breaking free from a vicious cycle, the lively track delivers a rallying cry for women everywhere, empowering them to stop indulging and putting themselves through relationships that are bad for them.

Speaking of the track, she says, “‘Good Guy’ is about the nice guys that aren’t really nice guys. It summarises the collective feeling that women often go through indulging in a situationship that’s bad for you but you just can’t get out of.”

With catchy hooks and passionate messages, Aruna is an act to watch as she solidifies her place in the realms of pop, punk, and everything in between as she

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