Shaefri sings about “Joanne” on new sonic masterpiece

Alternative British singer, Shaefri, has released a brand new single titled “Joanne.” Produced by Craigie Dodds, “Joanne” is an ode to women maligned by society. The song opens on a solemn note with piano chords that whisper “you have to listen to this,” with her soft voice and outstanding storytelling shining through the verses of this record. One notable example is in the fourth verse where we are masterfully invited into the world of “Joanne.” She sings, “She’s been like this for ages, treated like an ATM/ had a hundred lonely nights with a hundred lonely men.” On the hypnotic single, Shaefri dives into her roots in dark, atmospheric pop while allowing the songwriting to lead the raw, haunting production.

Speaking on the inspiration behind the track, Shaefri said “I was inspired to write 'Joanne' after seeing Leonard Cohen live — the way he portrays Suzanne as a torturous siren inspired me to want to almost write a little sister for her, ‘Joanne,’ and take the character further, displaying her as a gritty, tough woman in unimaginable circumstances.“ Adding more details, she shares, “I wanted to paint a more realistic picture of how certain actions and consent can be misinterpreted or ignored and how abuse can so easily take place, especially in sex work.”

Shaefri has previously explored many issues surrounding women in her music, most recently on her spectacular second EP, Girl, which has been praised by critics around the world. Comfortable in her writing following the success of her previous two EPs, “Joanne” is the first in a series of new singles in which Shaefri experiments with different sub-genres of pop, both dark and light, joyful and serious — in short, she's not afraid to take risks and is armed with a fresh new sound and vision for 2022.

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