SLUGS bring a trippy alt-rock party in “I Only Party (w my baby)”

Los Angeles alt-indie group SLUGS are dropping their latest trippy single, “I Only Party (w my baby).” The addictive song touches on being close to those nearest and dearest and prioritizing their time when having fun instead of more shallow relationships. The track has a hazy, chill feeling with lightning bolts of hallucinogenic production and gritty alt indie-rock. 

Their latest single “I Only Party (w my baby)” follows their previous releases ,“Super Sane,” and “I Could Do Better,” and has a similar distinct aura, giving off American dream vibes amongst an ocean of magical lyrics and soundscapes. Inspired by an interview from Avril Lavigne, SLUGS share, “I had seen where Avril Lavigne had talked about her and then-husband Chad Krogers’ marriage rule that they only ‘party’ with each other. I thought that was a funny concept and made a chorus out of it.”

This track is the ultimate whirlpool of psychedelic bursts. The twists and turns in the production from spring sounds, distorted guitar riffs and a groovy-prowling bass all carry much charm and individuality. The chorus ramps up into a thriving energy with a lively tambourine and a rainbow selection of vocals, moorish hooks and flashy guitar motifs. Singer Marissa Longstreet’s vocals feel laid-back and rich in a woozy, carefree atmosphere. If you haven’t already checked SLUGS out, now is the time to get dreamy in those idyllic guitar loops.

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