Space Captain provides musical solace on soothing new singles “Secret Garden” & “Back of My Mind”

With the seemingly endless procession of tumult in 2020, many are searching for musical refuge through the adversity. It’s difficult to think of a better release to help soothe souls than Space Captain‘s latest double-single entitled “Secret Garden / Back of My Mind,” out now on Tru Thoughts. With their first new music since the album All Flowers in Time from 2017, the Brooklyn-based group has delivered two gorgeous tracks that emanate a sense of peace while reminding us of their wholly original and captivating musical style.

The two songs explore the elements in life that create a sense of “home,” with vocalist Maralisa Simmons-Cook delivering beautifully gentle lyrics against music that lives in a space of its own. “Secret Garden” features a swirling bed of layered harmonies and a tender beat while Simmons-Cook creates stunning melodies with lyrics that describe the makings of an emotional sanctuary and the hope of letting someone else enter. On “Back of My Mind,” the group delivers a slightly harder-hitting beat as Simmons-Cook delves into another source of emotional strength, this time through a relationship that has ended but still maintains a sense of love and support. With the alluring instrumentals and evolved, heartfelt lyrics displayed on “Secret Garden / Back of My Mind,” we should all be thankful to have Space Captain back in our lives.

“Secret Garden / Back of My Mind” is available to stream or download here.

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