Gozé drops the 90s inspired hip-hop track "Wish U Well"

Swedish producer Gozé (aka Sebastian Fritze) has dropped an icy new track “Wish U Well.” Deeply inspired by 90s hip-hop, the track has a contrasting sense of nostalgia and a wave of fresh, zesty modernism, featuring New York rapper LoftBlue and Los Angeles artist Sakari. The tune is a rap-meets-soul vocal combination, resulting in the smoothest of vibes. The Stockholm artist enjoys keeping a sense of surprise and excitement with each track carrying its own flavor and sound, keeping the listeners on their toes.

Fritze spills, “I love hearing a track and being able to recognize instantly who produced it. The Neptunes, Timbaland, Dr. Dre had such unique sounds that their productions almost became the artist itself. My intentions are to create that with Gozé.”

The fierce single oozes a tasteful array of melodies and sound palettes, drawing on the richness of Sakari’s voice and the ice-cold bars from LoftBlue. Sakari emits an ageless, effortless tone giving off an old school soul flair, whilst LoftBlue has a distinct New York twang to his voice, adding character and charm. The overall energy feels subtly melancholic but ultimately goes on a journey, taking us on a rollercoaster ride of atmospheres and sonic auras. The slow burn on this track makes it extra enticing and there is a multitude of tension alongside the polarity of male and female voices, creating the perfect balance. Not only is Gozé’s sound unique, but the production clearly sits at the forefront of what gives this tune the ‘wow’ factor. His music influence warrants a range of things as he shares,  “I get inspired by songs that take you on a journey. I wanted the listener to feel like they start somewhere and end up somewhere else and at that point say ‘wait, is this the same song?’ to then bring them back home again.”

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