SRCMTRL’s ‘La Vita è Bella’ is pure lo-fi goodness for the soul

New York producer SRCMTRL‘s debut album is the spiritual and mental health relief we all need right now. Aptly titled La Vita è Bella which translates to “Life is beautiful in English,” the 11 track body of work is a pupu platter of dusty vintage samples laid expertly over soft percussions. From start to finish, the project brings a soothing head-nodding vibe. But it’s also a release of tension and frustration in its downtempo moments, which SRCMTRL delivers in spades through his wonderfully produced instrumentals.

The 11 tracks on this album are steeped in the music of the jazz giants who continue to inspire this burgeoning producer. From Sun Ra to Bill Evans to the Weather Report, SRCMTRL constantly digs through his crates and finds the musical glue to bring his thoughts together. It’s a process that stems from how he got into music in the first place. As he tells it, he found an old, beat up drumset on the curb one day and he taught himself how to play on it. The project doesn’t seem forced and feels more like the work of someone who’s been tinkering and experimenting with their sound. From the dreamy vibe of “Morning Sunshine” to the mid-afternoon reflective aura of “Yo!” listeners are treated to a cohesive blend of sounds that never wanders too far from its goal: to deliver dope jazz-inspired boom-bap. And whether it’s through the dreamscapes of “Absolutely Incredible” or the brass and drums of “A Jazz Classic,” the album more than delivers on its goal.

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