StaJe delivers plot twist in new single "UP" [Video]

Los Angeles based electro pop meets R&B artist StaJe explodes with infectious dance energy and true Halloween spirit in his all new single and video for "UP." The artist, who began his music career in the hip hop scene and is now finding his natural prowess through vocal led pop songs, has a truly compelling backstory to say the least. Just two years ago, StaJe was living as a homeless man on the streets of Los Angeles. After years of struggle, adversity, and poverty, StaJe overcame all obstacles, recently opening his own recording studio and even starting his own record label.

In "UP," StaJe takes a simple freestyle and transforms it into a full-bodied dance anthem. Featuring catchy lyricism, intoxicating vocals, and a tempo that is energizing but not overbearing, the song sparks feelings of freedom, inspiration, and a child's playfulness. StaJe confides, "As a musician, I believe it’s good to switch your style and try new things. You never know who might enjoy it or if you’ll love it too. I was in the recording studio with my engineer, Taylor, and manager, Andy one day. Andy had suggested that we try some house music beats, a term I was unfamiliar with at that moment. While Taylor played the beat, Andy asked me to freestyle on IG Live. I received positive feedback from the viewers, and one viewer named Kristine said she would play the song every day if I recorded it. The kind words and positive energy from the viewers inspired me, so I decided to record it and make a music video that honored Michael Jackson, my childhood music hero."

In the accompanying visuals, StaJe turns up the volume even more with a wildly colorful Michael Jackson "Thriller" inspired theme. The video shows StaJe driving around a deserted Hollywood as zombies start to infiltrate the city. Soon he is led to zombie-led dance party where he is turned into a zombie himself. The video is complete with spooky costumes and make-up, well-delivered choreography, and CGI shots that will pick you up and make you feel dizzy.

As an artist on the rise, StaJe puts determination and heart into everything he creates. After facing numerous challenges in his early career, the singer songwriter aims to motivate others to push past their limits to achieve their goals.

Check out the new sizzling track and single "UP". 

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