Star Monster shares powerful new Butterscotch Candy EP

Releasing his dangerous and ferocious sounding EP is breakout-talent Star Monster, aka Phil Parhamovich, with his new EP BUTTERSCOTCH CANDY. The release comes following years of momentum that’s built up to this point – touring, releasing and cultivating the right people that surround him. The producer & DJ from Madison, Wisconsin has created this EP as a one-of-a-kind experience for his fans for self-reflection and healing whilst also delving into chaotic sounds. 

Throughout, a series of breaks and classic dubstep taken straight from the 2000’s decade that takes you back. Intertwined perfectly with new sound design, each track captivates the audience through progressive bass and storytelling with sound.

Kicking the EP off with “Check The Flow, ”a track that builds through dub vocal samples, breakbeats and aggressive bass sounds. It sets the tone for the rest of the EP, with chaotic and energetic builds and drops that boast dubstep sounds like never before. Followed with two songs that take the audience on a psychedelic journey through extraterrestrial dimensions of dance. From playing festivals such as Burning Man, Electric Forest and Toxic Summer, there’s no surprise that Star Monster is able to draw up hype amongst crowds with his energetic head bopping sounds.

Speaking on the new release Star Monster writes, “my goal was to take you on a mystical and self reflective journey while creating a feeling of discovery and bliss in your hearts, minds and booties.”

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