Taigenz takes hold of his destiny on “Dream About”

Taigenz‘s latest single “Dream About” is an aspirational joint that focuses on the artist’s resilience and determination. The record is built on a hard-hitting trap backdrop made up of dark and moody synths, heavy basslines, and spaced-out trap grooves that allows Taigenz’s smooth flow to shine bright.

Although the central theme is about staying on the grind to reach one’s goals, Taigenz also gives the listener a clear depiction of his journey from the bottom. He reflects on having to depend on people who turned out to be the exact opposite of what they claim and in the end, he could only rely on his inner strength to make things happen for himself.  At some parts, he is reflective, unapologetic but also exudes some cockiness for good measure. For someone who has seen the worst in this music industry, who can really blame him for having a brazen demeanor?

“Dream About” seems to be a one-off track by the rapper and no full project has been attached to it.

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