Tally Spear drops new song “Here Comes The Rain”

Tally Spear‘s new song “Here Comes The Rain” really gets to the heart of what it’s like tryin’ to figure life out. She wrote it while she was hangin out in Cyprus, not sleepin’ much and askin’ herself big questions about what it all means, ya know? The song totally captures those feelings of just goin’ through the daily grind and wonderin if there’s gotta be more out there.

Spear gets real intimate in the lyrics about self-doubt and tryin’ real hard to find purpose. With the sad melodies and instruments behind her emotive voice, you can just picture someone feelin’ lost and wantin to understand it all better and it’s relatable for anyone whose ever felt that way.

This emotional tune comes on the heels of Spear’s recent popular songs like Constellations alone again, and Imposter from 2023. More big music people are starting to notice her authentic style of writing, like Radio 1, Kerrang! and BBC Introducing London. With “Here Comes The Rain” Spear shows she’s a rising talent to watch out for.

Spear self-edited a music video to go with the song too that’ll match the vibe of both visuals and sound. Overall it’s a good reminder that even when stuff gets stormy in life, you can find some beauty if you just hang on for the ride.

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