The Horn look at shared human experiences on debut album, ‘People Like Us’

In the dynamic world of indie-rock, The Horn introduces their highly anticipated debut album, ‘People Like Us.’ This musical endeavour, born from three years of dedicated labor, showcases the band’s unwavering commitment to crafting genuine and captivating compositions. With a rich soundscape and a thematic focus on the common human experience, ‘People Like Us‘ promises to be a standout addition to the indie-rock genre.

The album’s title embodies the universal human journey. Each track delves into coming-of-age stories, personal insecurities, global observations, and profound reflections on life. Nick True, the band’s founder and bassist, highlights their intention: “We wanted each song to be unique, not confined to a specific concept or genre, so we hope you enjoy it!”

The album features some of the band’s remarkable 2022 releases, including their debut single, “Passion.” This track, evoking memories of Nick True’s earlier stint with the 1980s band Friends of Gavin, takes listeners on a nostalgic trip back to the impulsive days of their early 20s. With new members like Danny Monk, Jonny Taylor, Ed Cox, and Alex Moorse, The Horn maintains its youthful energy while infusing it with mature intentions. The album offers a diverse range of tracks. “Another Way,” an anti-authority anthem, channels the hedonistic spirit of Britpop, while “50 Years After” encourages introspection with its subdued melodies and reflective lyrics.

‘People Like Us’ was produced by Danny Monk and Danton Supple, recorded at RAK Studios, and is released via Cooking Vinyl. With its focus on authenticity and shared human experiences, The Horn’s debut album promises to make a lasting impact on the indie-rock scene and beyond, offering a unique listening experience for fans and newcomers alike.