The Ian Moore details his “Highs and Lows” on new single

The Ian Moore has dropped off a new single called “Highs and Lows”, featuring danny G. Moore is a St. Louis-born artist who has been building an eclectic catalogue of music that spans from lyrical, confessional hip-hop to engaging, vivid pop tracks. On his latest offering, he delves into experiencing and recovering from the highs and lows of life, touching on perseverance atop a vibrant tapestry of breezy guitars, lively percussion, and rich bass.

Taking on a cohesive blend of hip-hop, pop, and indie melodies, “Highs and Lows” emanates an immersive warmth with its cocktail of colorful guitar layers, laid atop a punchy rhythm section. Dynamically building into an energizing, cathartic hook, “Highs and Lows” finds a happy medium between disparate genres and infuses them engagingly.

Regarding “Highs and Lows”, Moore says, “”Highs and Lows” is about experiencing extreme low points in your life and being able to pull yourself back from that feeling to reach a point where you feel like you are at the top of the world. The highest of heights. It’s about growth and overcoming issues to make yourself stronger.”

The Ian Moore’s latest finds him connecting with danny G for a memorable, emotive cut that finds his songwriting eclectic and focused.

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