The Slice, Episode 100 [Hip Hop + R&B]

The Slice is a piece that gives readers a quick glimpse into a handful of musical releases from around the globe. These are songs that might have slipped under your radar but don’t worry, we are here to help you out.

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Kiseme – “Need More Profits”

San Ysidro, CA-based rapper Kiseme clamours for the need of capital to achieve one’s goals in his newest record “Need More Profits”. Backed by a jazz piano sample, sparsely arranged drum break and dusty bassline, Kiseme explores the ups and downs of life from the perspective of a struggling artist looking for alternative options to blossom.

Soulchain Records x Declaime x Pawz One – “Thank U”

Austria / Europe-based Soulchain Records return with the second single “Thank U” which sees them recruiting Revered rapper/producer Declaime and veteran rapper Pawz One. The motivational tune centres on giving thanks for all the good things that come their way and appreciating life no matter what. In the end, the message is clear, no matter the adversity, life is still beautiful and precious.

60 East x Sa-Roc – “Soul Fly”

West Coast emcee 60 East linked with fellow West Coast lyricist Blu and revered lyricist/singer Sa-Roc for this uplifting tune titled “Soul Fly”. Bolstered by soulful and dreamy neo-soul elements with punchy boom-bap grooves, the emcees exchange perspectives on being self-aware, positive and true to oneself.

Karhys – “All So Good”

Rising singer-songwriter Karhys delivers this soothing love jam “All So Good” to our earshot. The song was crafted with the assistance of Emanuele Triglia (Elodie, David di Donatello award), Raffaele Sperati (Ainé) and Giulia Gentile who all helped bring out the best in the singer. Over warm summer-tinged soundscapes with lush textures and a prevalent bass-driven groove, Karhys delivers a heartwarming adulation-filled performance ripe with layered melodies and counter melodies that weave seamlessly into each other. This is a perfect midsummer love jam to oil your relationship if I do say so myself.

Mya K – “Should’ve Known”

Singer-songwriter Mya K is currently preparing to release her new EP but in the interim, she gifts us with the lead track “Should’ve Known”. The track is a moody and dark R&B ballad that explores self-discovery and a reminder to trust one’s gut feeling. Over VELLI’s surreal textures and Afrocentric-infused grooves, Mya K details a tale of love gone sour and how the entire experience made her stronger and wiser.

Thai Chi Rosè – “Cumfort”

Multi-talented Thai Chi Rosè is a British-Jamaican Singer, Rapper, MC and Songwriter who is breaking the rules with her expressive and infused musical styles. Her latest release “Cumfort” is a sultry R&B/dancehall-infused jam that showcases her rich and earworm melodic style and unapologetic songwriting. Here, she doesn’t shy away from divulging her needs to her partner and reassures them that she is down for the long haul. She knows her onions and the way she blends Dancehall cadence with classic R&B melodies is impeccable.

HVZE – “Upper Hand” (feat. PersonaFi)

LA-based Bay Area-born indie rapper an songwriter HVZE caught our ears with his single “Upper Hand” featuring PersonaFi. The track is bolstered by an anthemic guitar arrangement, epic synth riffs and thick 808 kick drums all underpinned by HVZE’s emotional performance. Here, he reflects on the journey of self-discovery and finding one’s true North amid the never-ending white noise.

Starscream the Giant – “starboi lit”

Rapper and producer Starscream the Giant is a genre-bending artist whose influences range from pop, hip-hop, rock and electronic styles. His latest release “starboi lit” is an introspective track that explores memories and their interconnectivity with the present and our need to find our true north. The production is soulful and melancholic but the uplifting lyrics are the icing on the cake.

Giorgia-May – “Two Feet” (feat. Skyline Sun & Sorvina)

Berlin-based, UK singer-songwriter Giorgia-May delivers her new single “Two Feet” which sees her teaming up with Skyline Sun and Sorvina. The result is a mellow self-discovery anthem that explores the process of finding one’s true strength amid adversity. The production is war, sombre and reflective while her sublime vocal runs engulf the ears with their earworm attributes. Sorvina joins the fray with an expressive rap verse as well.

Word – “V-Town”

Born and raised in Vallejo, California, Edward Dizon better known by his stage name Word leads us into his hood in this visual single titled “V-Town”. The aptly titled track is an audio documentary that captures a series of events that makes Vallejo distinct and different from elsewhere. The funk-laden production is an homage to his West Coast roots and Word’s illustrative rhyme schemes are a testament to his artistry.

Pavy – “Facetime Is Dangerous”

Rising rapper Pavy comes straight out of Chicago’s south side and has worked his way through the ranks with his style of expressive and relatable raps. His new single “Facetime Is Dangerous” is a heartfelt and vivid tale of love as time passes by. Over a laidback and soulful backdrop, Pavy reflects on how communication between two lovers can affect feelings but there are also pros and cons involved.

KRISTII – “Shelter”

Singer-songwriter KRISTII caught our undivided attention with her triumphant single “Shelter”. Armed with her commanding and powerful vocal runs and soul-stirring songwriting, she draws us into her world with this glorious, lovelorn single that dives into the need for solace and peace from that special somebody.

K.O.N, Dimestate Don – “War”

Singer-songwriter K.O.N and Dimestate Don team up for “War”, an insightful track that looks at the never-ending struggles in the urban setting and how the craziness affects the inhabitants. The warm reflective soundscape is underpinned by sultry melodic runs from the artists and their introspective lyrics are relatable.


British-Algerian R&B and Soul artist Yazmine MB releases her new effort  “WHAT’S IT LIKE TO DO NOTHIN'”, which serves as the follow-up to her previous release “I’ll Show You”. The jazz-infused R&B/soul offering has a lounge vibe and is bolstered by a rich piano arrangement, scenic guitar riffs and soft drum groves underpinned by her gripping vocal runs and graphic songwriting that explores the concept of burnout. Yazmine takes us into the world of a young woman balancing multiple jobs and trying to live a normal life.

 Paul Sitter X Craig G – “Global Chemistry (Mined Music Remix)”

Munich-based producer Paul Sitter teams up with veteran Queensbridge rapper Craig G for his latest effort titled “Global Chemistry (Mined Music Remix)”. The remix is a fusion of rock and hip-hop and it’s comprised of rich and electric guitar riffs and steady bass-driven grooves and of course Craig G’s fiery raps.  Here, the legendary lyricist reminds us of the true essence of the culture and how it has positively changed lives on a global scale.