Theresa Gorella shares stunning new single and visuals “House of Broken Mirrors” [Video]

California born and Nashville based singer/songwriter Theresa Gorella has just unleashed her debut single and it is a luscious and raw ballad full of emotion and heart. The track is the first off of her upcoming debut EP which fuses soul, folk, rock, and pop for an intoxicating listen.

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With “House of Broken Mirrors”, Theresa Gorella tackles the mistakes she has made over the years and chronicles the time she gave up on herself to where she became someone she didn’t respect. Lyrics including, ” In this house of broken mirrors / that I built with my two hands / I hardly recognize the face that is staring back / I tied my pain to the bedpost,” show just how toxic we can become to ourselves and how we are responsible for our own transformation. Sonically, “House of Broken Mirrors” is a lush tune full of sparkly keys, honey-laced vocals and 70’s folk inspired guitar lics. The single feels nostalgic yet fresh and Theresa Gorella has managed to create a layered cinematic masterpiece. The accompanying music video was inspired by the dramatic film Valley of the Dolls and features Theresa looking into a broken mirror further highlighting the message of self destruction. She confides, “There seems to be something glamorous in a tortured soul in entertainment industry that we see entirely too often and I wanted to show that in visual form.”

Theresa Gorella grew up on a raisin farm in rural California. Moving to Brooklyn for college and then Nashville to pursue music full time, Theresa Gorella has a vast array of experiences she uses for inspiration in her own autobiographical music. While waitressing at one of Nashville’s most iconic music venues, Theresa became inspired by musical greats in country, pop and soul which influenced her own music. In addition to her solo project, Theresa Gorella is half of pop meets funk outfit Poster Child. Take a listen to “House of Broken Mirrors” now and remember to try and make good choices for yourself.

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