Ruby Francis shares the lush new single "Disconnect"

North London singer-songwriter Ruby Francis shares her new single "Disconnect". A sleek R&B offering that showcases Francis' clean-cut production and sweet vocals, the single is a warming track laced with gooey instrumentation.

With lush R&B tones that draw on noughties neo-soul and Francis' honeyed vocals, "Disconnect" is a sultry single wrapped in a blanket of warm, soothing melodies. Interweaving hints of funk with buoyant pads and synths, the single's fusion displays Francis' very best work. Released alongside her debut album Archives, Francis tells us that the LP is a combination of songs written over a number of years about her "encountering different phases and experiences; from overcoming breakups and relationship hurdles, mental health struggles, exploring fantasies and characters as well as just having fun. These were all songs that have been archived. I hope that the listener will relate and create their own meanings and concepts through the journey of the songs."

While "Disconnect" also tackles everyday struggles, it's a single that tells us we need some time out to take a break from the tiredness of inequalities. Delving into her world of swirling R&B and soulful songwriting, Archives is a powerful debut album with 13 songs glazed with sticky-sweet harmonies. If you want to see Francis at her very, very best, check out "Let Me In" featuring Blue Lab Beats – phenomenal.

Archives is out via Unity Records now.

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