Tierra Vacía’s “Weeping” is a stand for truth

Tierra Vacía is a unique musical collective that blends rock, classical, pop, folk and metal for an intriguing and important listen. Their latest EP Rumble is a collection of music that is seeped in spirituality and faith. The highlight is the emotive song “Weeping”.

“Weeping” is a lush and layered musical envelopment complete with colorful flute sounds, dreamy percussion, and enticing keys. Angelic and warm heartedly pleasing vocals take center stage singing cathartic melodies. Sweeping strings and powerful anthemic drums and guitars add to the song’s full and dynamic sound mirroring its transcendent narrative. “Weeping” is all about opening yourself up to a higher power and spirituality. The song also discusses the importance of standing up for truth and justice, as well as turning one’s back on darkness.

Tierra Vacía is a new band hailing from Nashville, TN, that is led by a strong and soaring female operatic singer. The band’s name means empty earth in Spanish which mirrors the theme of their music, detailing the spiritual void often found in everyday life. The music is complex yet enthralling and is written to awaken the world against evil in all its forms. Take a listen to “Weeping” now and check out the rest of the band’s music.

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