Tom & Collins and AMÉMÉ deliver dynamic Latin-Afro hybrid dance track to Insomniac Records

Tom & Collins have recruited AMÉMÉ for the two powerhouse’s debut joint-release “Ando-High”.  The collaboration between the Mexico City Tech-House titans and the West African-bred, Brooklyn-based, burgeoning Afro-House producer is out now via Insomniac Records.

With both acts hailing from countries rich in native culture, “Ando High” is a Latin and Afro melting pot. The track revolves around a naughty Spanish vocal hook that’s complemented with clever hand percussion, clattering accents, brooding pad swells and a slinky synth lead.

While in the studio after recording the high vibrations vocal track for “Ando High”, Tom & Collins thought the song could shine its brightest built on a Latin-Afro house foundation. Bringing AMÉMÉ’s expertly executed, flourishing tribal percussion to the track birthed an end result that’s fiery, multi-cultural and brimming with both acts signature sounds.

“Ando High” exemplifies the finest from both Tom & Collins’ and AMÉMÉ’s creative arsenals. With the track presenting a mosaic of international influences, the three artists found a seamless synergy that fans can surely expect to hear again in future collaborations that bear both their names.

Hailing from the vibrant epicenter of Mexico City, Tom & Collins are an electrifying DJ and production duo that have been making waves worldwide. With a unique fusion of their Latin roots and other cultures in dance music, they’re known for pushing boundaries in the genre. The duo has not only established themselves as musical tastemakers, but also founded their own record label, “Terms and Conditions” – showcasing their commitment to nurturing emerging talent and shaping the future of dance music. From the heart of Mexico City to dance floors across the world, Tom & Collins’ dynamic energy and innovative sound continue to leave an indelible mark on the international music scene.

Specializing in Afro-leaning electronic music, AMÉMÉ’s DJ sets are eclectic, diverse and pay musical tribute to his West African heritage. In the studio he is equally dynamic and adept, seeing releases via his One Tribe label finding their way to Black Coffee. He’s seen his music signed to top labels including Armada, Crosstown Rebels, Cercle and Abracadabra. He has delivered his unique brand of “AMÉMÉ House” to every corner of the world, taking the stage at marquee festivals such as Coachella, Tomorrowland, CRSSD, Lightning In A Bottle, Electric Forest, all of the iconic clubs in Ibiza, and more in every major city. AMÉMÉ will be hosting his own percussion-fueled rituals on dance floors across the world for many years to come, uniting the global community and reminding us that we are all One Tribe.

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