VARNA GL Returns with the powerful “QAARDULU” – The second single from her debut album

Greenlandic mercurial talent VARNA GL releases her second single, “QAARDULU (raven)”, produced by neonme, the second release from her debut album due for release later this year. The composition opens with haunting cries reminiscent of raven’s warning calls that circle above our heads. In this dark and evocative track, we can hear a drum beat that drives in a heartbeat rhythm and a distorted bass that amplifies the sense of danger. The sounds featured in the track are truly unique to VARNA GL, alongside her Greenlandic lyrics.

VARNA GL talks on the topic, “A majority of Inuit in Greenland have temporarily lost connection to our ancient tradition as lived practice. A consequence of extreme “development” based on non-inuit cultural values and way of life has left people to prioritise different ways in order to survive. This system was never built for us, we are sucking the energy out of ourselves trying to constantly translate for someone else.

We need to look within as a people, listen to ourselves and trust that we can reconnect and revive in all aspects. We need to stand together, to set a new course that we believe in.

Personally I know, the drum is one way for connection and healing.

VARNA GL characterises her track as a playful connection with her spiritual guide, capturing the essence of her bond with her homeland. The multifaceted artist has delved into various roles such as a contemporary singer-songwriter, an innovative composer, an actor, a social researcher, and a counselor. Her music serves as a cultural awakening, magnifying the profound spiritual power of the Greenlandic Inuit heritage.

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