Madison Beer takes us into a fairy tale world on “Reckless” [Video]

Madison Beer delivers this lovelorn pop ballad titled “Reckless” alongside its visually entrancing visual. The record is built upon a melancholic production ripe with darkly somber textures, lush keys, and soft drum grooves that seamlessly merge with Beer’s emotional vocal performance. The singer details a betrayal of the worst kind, the heart and she pines away by herself trying to find a way out of the sorrow.  Armed with her angelic vocal tone, she gives quite a performance with lyrics that explore the why’s and what if’s of the betrayal.

For the visuals, Beer takes charge alongside Amber Park and both bring forth a child’s story book inspired visual. Built around a surreal and twisted fairy tale world, Beer is transported into this unknown world filled with weird trappings and unexplainable contraptions. It’s quite engaging as we follow the singer’s journey in this whimsical dimension till she emerges from the turmoil into reality. The aetshteics and set pieces have a retro-feel to them and the use of performance shots also adds to the urgency in the pacing.

Presently Beer is embarking on her Life Support Tour (encompassing US and Canadian dates in 2021 and UK and European dates in 2022). For a complete list of tour dates and ticket information, visit here. Outside making music, she also recently formed an alliance with Vanessa Hudgens with Chief Medical Officer Dr. Karen Kagha for a new skincare brand called KNOW Beauty. You can find out more information on KNOW and get started with your own Skin DNA Kit here.

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