Styles P and Havoc are a lyrical force of nature on their new single "Nightmares 2 Dreams"

New York emcee legends Styles P and Havoc release their new track "Nightmares 2 Dreams"—a powerful single off of their upcoming album Wreckage Manner. This latest release provides new listeners with a heavy dose of relentless bars, poetic lyricism, and impeccable classic cinematic hip-hop production. 

Styles P has proven his worth to the game of hip-hop time and time again in many ways, both when it comes to his performance on the latest LOX versus, and his selfless commitment to championing his community through his work in Juices For Life and Farmacy For Life.
Havoc, a part of the iconic hip-hop duo Mobb Deep, has done the same, keeping Prodigy's legacy alive as well as maintaining the strength of powerful lyricism in hip-hop music.
You can only imagine the power these two exude when they come together, taking us back to a time when old school NY hip-hop was heavy on the scene. The production on "Nightmares 2 Dreams" features a heavy bass, boom-bap beats, and delicate piano keys that combine perfectly to allow the raw sharpness of their voices pierce through. Their delivery and flow are effortless, as each individual syllable they utter is struck with masterful precision. Using intricate wordplay and clever rhymes, both Styles P and Havoc speak of lessons that the struggle has taught them, as they both reflect on the past and apply it to the present. Stay tuned for this captivating Wreckage Manner to drop this December 3rd. 
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