Indie-pop act Daniel Keane chronicles the frustrations of lockdown on “My Covid Summer"

Indie-pop musician Daniel Keane chronicles the relatable frustrations of lockdown on “My Covid Summer,” a catchy, electro-tinged offering underpinned by hazy vocals from Keane and vocalist Charmello. With anthemic guitars layered over booming beats, “My Covid Summer” builds as a dance track with a confessional twist.

Written during quarantine, the track is an honest reflection of the rising musician’s personal frustrations during lockdown, as the lyrics draw from Keane’s ten-day isolation in the UK. Tapping into the Canterbury act’s signature dreamy musicality, the song is rooted in reality even as the intricate house style instrumentals offer us an escape, the soothing vocals of both artists transporting us away from our troubles.

Inspired by the refined musicality of artists like The 1975 and Glass Animals, while also building on his own style of introspective song writing, Keane's music manages to be polished yet raw. Revealing an artistry that equally gets people dancing as it influences them to reflect on themselves and their experiences, “My Covid Summer” becomes one more milestone in the emerging act’s musical journey. 

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