Worry Club delivers dreamy new single "Jonesin'"

Worry Club, the latest project of Chicago native Chase Walsh ,is creating some of my favorite music right now, filled with experimentation and new sounds. The music feels new and creative- whether it be the arrangement, vocal manipulations, and instrumentation. With a string of successful singles, Worry Club is back and delivers once more with a new track, “Jonesin'”.

“Jonesin” is a testament to what makes Worry Club great. The song is carried by strumming guitars and swirly synths that fade in and out. Made completely out of his bedroom, the track feels raw, yet professional. Walsh effortlessly flows over the instrumental, playing with vocal manipulations. As the track builds, it only gets better. Finally, it drops to a full onslaught of guitars and crunchy sounds. Lyrically, the track paints a dark and gritty picture, as Worry Club opens up about a broken relationship and his almost addiction to it. The lyrics are relatable and show him in a vulnerable state. Altogether "Jonesin''" is complete and must listen new track. 

With his impressive string of singles in 2021 including "Vince Vaughn", "Money" and "Bleach", Worry Club balances the line between replay value and experimentation, which opens his sound to the masses. The Chicago-based artists show once more on his new single "Jonesin'" his ability to put together a complete track, filled with fun instrumentation and profound and relatable lyrics about love. As he continues to explore his sound, it will be exciting to see what is next for Worry Club


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