West London’s ALESSANA releases the bold single “Dirty Bathwater”

Indie artist ALESSANA releases the brash single “Dirty Bathwater”. The West London-based artist navigates through previous relationships on the new single which sees her cutting the ties with her romantic past.

With immediately addictive vocals, ALESSANA’s creative flair lies with her voice. A songwriter, artist and filmmaker, ALESSANA’s talents show no bounds. Balancing these talents with a myriad of pop intimacies, the glistening backdrop of her new single swirls with iridescent stylings and breathes a key moment of moving forward. Rebirthing someone who refuses to let their past define them, “Dirty Bathwater” sees ALESSANA shed her past to improve her future.

Shimmering with R&B deliveries and the incredible visuals that are fuelled with metaphor, “Dirty Bathwater” is an explosive cut from the visceral artist. “Dirty Bathwater is an ode to men of the past I want to scrub off my skin,” she explains. A whole damn vibe tbh.

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