Whyenne shines in cinematic video for track “Late in July”

Whyenne is a experimental music project by Montreal based artist Chyenne Graham. Drawing from post-punk and country, Whyenne walks the line between dreamlike melodies and gritty dissonance. Today Whyenne shares a haunting video for the track “Late in July”, that imagines the ending of a horror movie with Whyenne as the lone survivor, earning her freedom among exhaustion and newfound trauma.

“Late in July” kicks off with a guitar riff that is part soothing lullaby and part lonely cowboy. Whyenne originally wrote the track at the tender age of 17 and explains how “at that time, I was not treating myself very well and I had a number of conflcts with the people I love/loved”. Lyrically the tracks explores teenage angst and captures the the frustrations and sorrows of that pivotal shift from childhood to adulthood, with stand out lines such as ‘going to the knife fight unarmed so I bleed all day‘. As the track builds layers of guitars and drums into a heartfelt outro, the tone of the track shifts into something that feels buyoant, and Whyenne muses that ‘there is also an underlying hopefulness (or naivety) within the track”. 

The accompanying video, shot by photographer and videographer Em Gem during a dramatic sunrise in rural Quebec, channels teenage angst and imagines Whyenne as the sole survivor at the end of a horror movie. Inspired by Tobe Hooper and Rob Zombie, the video splices together shots of Whyenne walking down a country road covered in blood with graphic black and white public domain footage. 

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