Yury and Valee link for “Let’s Try It Out”

Yury continues his string of one-off single releases with a new cut titled “Let’s Try It Out.” The track sees him teaming up with fellow emcee Valee for a rare collaboration release.

The self-produced track was produced from a weird field recording and flipped into an ominous soundscape bolstered by thick 808 driven trap drums. It sounds somewhat serviceable but works perfectly for the free-flowing style employed by the rappers. Valee has a laid-back, almost deadpan style but littered with pop references from Bobby Boucher to toothpaste colored whips. Yury colors the track with a semi-melodic hook and his usual out the box approach for his verse.

“Let’s Try It Out” gets the done job and shows Yury willingness to try something different without losing his integrity.

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