Marten Hørger Talks His Big Year, Touring and His Unique Sleep Schedule [Interview]

If you’re a fan of bass house music, you’re probably familiar with German producer/DJ Marten Hørger and his collabs with the likes of Dr. Fresch and BIJOU. However, he doesn’t just reside in the bass house community. Marten previously collab’d with David Guetta on “The Freaks” earlier this year, and he just released his highly anticipated collab with Dillon Francis “On a Trip” as well. We got the chance to talk with the rising German star about his big year, his recent North America tour and how he stays grounded. Check out our exclusive interview below.

Hi Marten, thanks for taking the time to chat with us. Tell us a little bit about yourself, how did you first get into music and what has led you to become the producer that you are today?

“Thank you for having me! Dance music has always been something that touched me deeply. After having a few other projects in Music and Music Business I ended up focusing all my love and attention on making House Music in 2018. My first House record ‘You Don’t’ (with Neon Steve) became a bit of an underground hit. And I started building from there.”

Tell us what it was like touring North America? You’ve really blown up over the past couple of years, what’s it been like seeing the response to your sets in person?

“When I started North America was the continent that supported me first, when no-one car‹ed about my music anywhere else. I still have so much gratitude for that, North America is where my heart is! It’s been great to feel the love for my music and my live shows growing so much since then. But the best thing about it is that I can just be myself, play the music that makes me happy and do only the things that I want to do. I love it!”

What’s it been like playing some main stages over the past year or so including Tomorrowland and EDC? Was that something you ever dreamed would happen?

“I remember writing these exact words on my ultimate goals list:


Note the (lol) behind it. It was a big dream but I never thought I would get there. I think that explains pretty well how it felt when it finally did happen… hahah.”

Speaking of great locations, I heard you go to support David Guetta’s Ushuaïa residency. What was that like having a summer home that’s so iconic?

“It was another dream coming true. It’s the best party on the island and even in the whole world if you ask me. I love David for everything he has done for me.”

I heard you have an internal clock hack and that you always sleep according to your home time zone in Germany. Tell us about that and how you avoid jet lag and other travel related issues like that?

“Hahahah, yes! I always stay in the German time zone, no matter where I am. If it’s 22:00 in Germany I go to bed. All schedules, meals, travel, etc. has to be planned & adjusted accordingly. And my team does an incredible job of making it all happen. With the life I get to live now jet lag & lack of sleep is the biggest obstacle. And everything has changed so much since we solved that. Its magic.”

What do you have planned for the rest of the year and into 2024?

“I’m having a whole month of European shows ahead of me. Followed by my first big Asia Tour in December. Incredibly excited!”

When you’re not producing, what do you like to do in your free time? Any shows on streaming or book recommendations?

“I looooooooove cooking. It’s a big part of my life. But that also means that there is not much time for watching series or movies. So my recommendation is: Sit down and learn how to make epic food instead of burning time on Netflix! It will make you so much happier <3>

Check out the latest from Marten Hørger and Dillon Francis “On a Trip” out now on Universal. Check out Marten’s Parookaville set from earlier this summer as well.

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