Alan Chang gives us a peak into his life in new album, ‘Check Please’

Acclaimed Jazz pianist Alan Chang made the decision this year to pursue his solo career. After collaborating with Michael Bublé for nearly 20 years, taking this leap was a big move for Chang, but with the release of his new album, Check Please, it’s clear that it paid off. The 10-track album details this new chapter, the journey it took to get there and other very real, human experiences. 

Lead single “Love As A Weapon” kicked off the introduction to the album a few months back, and specifically touches on Chang’s transition from working alongside Bublé. “Natalie Explain” delves into the complications when it comes to dating and how it can sometimes be challenging to navigate without hurting anyones feelings. The whole album is a blissful listening experience both sonically and thematically, with “Let’s Not Come Down” delivering a message of enlightenment and peacefulness. With each track offering up something different, “Aperitif” is a playful instrumental track, showcasing Chang’s impressive piano skills. 

Check Please is the perfect album to listen to when you want to sit back and relax. Grab yourself a drink, find the comfiest armchair in your house, and soak up the soothing sounds of Alan Chang. 

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