BLVCK VIØLET shares an emotional pop song, “lonely in love”

BLVCK VIØLET‘s latest track, “lonely in love,” is a soulful amalgamation of R&B and pop influences that showcases the duo’s artistry and vision. In this emotionally charged single, Harrison Walker and Sam Hurst skillfully weave their personal experiences into a narrative that explores the complexities of long-term relationships.

The track’s intricate melodies and lush vocals are accentuated by pulsating beats that elevate the song’s emotional intensity. With themes of distance, change, and acceptance, “lonely in love” takes a head-on approach to the highs and lows of romance. Lines such as “I don’t know you anymore / We used to drive away for long weekends” resonate with listeners, echoing the sentiments of anyone who has felt lost in a fading love.

BLVCK VIØLET’s sound, a fusion of R&B and pop influences, is on full display in “lonely in love,” and their artistry has earned them well-deserved recognition and a devoted following. The dynamic duo shows no signs of slowing down as they gear up for a forthcoming EP release and a lineup of festival appearances.

In summary, “lonely in love” is an emotive and hauntingly beautiful track that reminds us that there is beauty to be found even in our darkest moments. BLVCK VIØLET has created a symphony of emotion that resonates deeply with the soul, and it is sure to captivate expert listeners and casual fans alike.

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