Alt-pop duo PRiiCE make their debut with euphoric, genre-defying single "Sunflower"

Brand new alt-pop duo PRiiCE make a memorable debut with single “Sunflower,” an euphoric production toeing the line between indie pop and hip hop. Offering a taste of their forthcoming EP, the funky, synth-tinged track blends rhythmic vocals with a groovy beats, enveloping listeners in soothing serenity.

With catchy instrumentals that highlight the duo’s well-defined brand of feel-good alt-pop, PRiiCE – consisting of Sean and  Conor- describe “Sunflower,” as the turning point of the artistry they have been consistently developing. Boasting creative approaches to the songwriting that formed what they call “the birthplace of PRiiCE”, the melodic track developed on the back of an unfortunate hard drive blip sees the pair freeing themselves of the confines of genre.

Thrumming with a bouncy bass line that adds to the bright soundscape and liberating vibes of the track, PRiiCE’s first musical expedition weaves an escapist fantasy elevated by a hazy yet powerful melody pierced by sharp vocal delivery. A production that teases out the versatility of their upcoming EP, “Sunflower,” is the unconstrained yet enigmatic prelude to a collection of songs which promise to offer an eclectic range of sounds.

The track sets the tone for PRiiCE’s future in music, as they bring together varied sounds from electro-pop and indie to hip-hop, tying them by the startlingly emotive touch of their lyricism.

With an ability to make music that gives off comforting vibes, PRiiCE who call to mind acts such as Everyone You Know and easy life have taken the first step to introducing the world to their well-rounded alt-pop music defined by creative freedom and a tinge of an enigma. Brimming with hope and a passion for their craft, the duo have made an entry into the music industry with a bang, beckoning listeners over with the immersive stylings of their debut single.

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