Amelia Wray shares emotional ballad “disappear”

Teenage acting and music sensation Amelia Wray has just shared her latest single. Called “disappear”, the single marks the second track ever released from this well known Disney actress.

“disappear” is all about the experience of being more than friends with someone you are interested in but less than lovers. This inbetween phase can be confusing and gut wrenching and when it is all over, the experience can be hard to cope with. “disappear” is a heartfelt autobiographical song all about teenage hopes, dreams and lost relationships. Lyrics including “you got over us / with the speed of light / and I’m stuck inside my head / it isn’t right / i just can’t let you go,” show the difficult emotions associated with unrequited love and lust. The emotional ballad features Amelia Wray’s gorgeous lush and soulful vocals overhanging atmospheric piano chords. Soaring melodies and heart-on-your-sleeve lyrics make “disappear” a must listen from this budding new singer/songwriter.

Amelia Wray began performing at the age of 6 and since then has landed a role on Disney’s popular series Sydney To The Max. Her breathtakingly beautiful vocals and knack for performing caught the attention of songwriters Michael Orland (American Idol) and Bill Grainer (Jennifer Hudson) along with producer Miklos Malek (Jennifer Lopez, Anastacia) who collaborated with the artist on her latest single. Take a listen to “disappear” now and follow Amelia Wray on socials to see what this exciting new artist on the rise is up to next.

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