Aubryanna is the new “CoverGirl”

Rising singer-songwriter Aubryanna is bringing her style of Pop and R&B to the forefront as she proceeds to drop her debut release “CoverGirl”. The track is introduced by a soaring cinematic synth pad and her rich vocal tone and range. Here, she explores the story of a woman on the search for acceptance and self-love. The production is hard-hitting and employs thumping downtempo trap drums and cinematic textures inspired by dark futuristic R&B elements underpinned by sultry layered melodies and unapologetic songwriting with lyrics like

Ain’t no lack of expression /Type to start a riot Don’t tell me to be quiet /Not tryna make impressions/But is it something wrong with me/Cause I don’t do well with being

Daddy’s little girl/Yeah I’m stubborn, a dreamer But do you really see her Cause they don’t really see girls like me

Overall, she is not taking no for an answer and breaking boundaries and social restraints as she finds her voice amid the white noise.

Aubryanna is an artist hailing from the vibrant music scene of South Jersey/Philadelphia.

Stream “CoverGirl” on all DSPs here.

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