Australian trio H3rizon drop new single "Serious" with imaginative visuals

Australian trio H3rizon drop upbeat single, “Serious,” a nostalgia-tinged offering that ushers us to shake off relationships that aren’t meant to be taken seriously. Empowered and playful, the track takes listeners through three personal perspectives thrumming with sass and creativity.

With diversity at its heart, the RnB girl group consisting of Gabby, Taya and Bernie brings classical training with a soulful delivery for a bold musicality. A product of sonic experiments with producer and co-writer Philippe-Marc Anquetil, the track is the second song that the group wrote together, pulling together their wide-ranging skillsets in intricate harmony with a pop/R&B twist.  

Accompanied a fun, retro-style music video created alongside director Rowena Rasmussen and choreographer Cassie Bartho bring the trio’s bold personalities to life envisioning Taya as a cook, Gabby a weather girl, and Bernie an aerobics instructor in an imaginative visual that elevates the infectious nature of the track embodied within quirky characters.

Showcasing a combination of distinct vocal lines, a passion for production and stark individuality, “Serious,” weaves a light-hearted narrative embedded in an uplifting soundscape that ushers them into the next phase of the musical journey that they’ve spent a year developing.

Born in Australia, with Filipino and Mauritian heritage, the trio who have consistently built themselves up as a symbol of power and hope for all women of color in music, armed with strength of their charming personalities and authentic talent, have also honed an innovative approach to music that makes use of pure talent in combination with rapidly advancing technology. Developing their own space within the digital universe and carving out a niche for themselves, H3rizon are setting themselves up to become pioneers in a quickly changing music landscape.

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