Barny Fletcher shares a new sound on his track, “WOO!” [Video]

Barny Fletcher is a promising act, who is bound to make waves with his signature sound. As a young child, he was exposed to a plethora of genres through his creative parents. Although hip-hop and R&B were the genres that stuck with him most, it is clear to hear the many influences within his music. On his latest track, “WOO!”, he reminds listeners of his growing abilities, through his impressive production and vocal choices.

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Barny Fletcher shares his all with a lover on this track, telling them how special they are. He sings, “I’ll find a way right back to you so I can get to know you better.” His harmonies are alluring and they are matched with a unique inflection in his vocals. He often uses interesting effects and instrumentation like a pitched down, warped vocal, or a fleeting flute sound throughout the track. This track as a whole is built off of a catchy R&B beat that has a prominent bass line and interesting percussion. His vocal melodies fit perfectly into the pockets of the beat.

Barny shared on his Instagram that this track marks, “The start of something new”, and it is obvious to see this when listening to the evolving sound that comes with every track. Additionally, he gave credit to a plethora of people who contributed to making this track successful such as PBnJ production and Vic Ekpo. With this wonderful team backing him, it will be fascinating to see how far Barny comes in the future.

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