Bendik HK takes on an incredible, imaginative bass-laced fix of Gouldian Finch’s “Cocoon”

Norwegian producer Gouldian Finch, otherwise known as Martin Horntveth, unveils a captivating re-imagination of his track “Cocoon” through the ingenious lens of Bendik HK. This remix promises a sonic adventure unlike any other, pushing what we consider drum and bass to be, delving through a multitude of other genres.

“I met Bendik when he was 11 years old. Already then, he was an enormous drum talent, but he also wanted to explore other instruments, as well as composition and production. I used every chance I got to help him into the spotlight; first by having him support my band Jaga Jazzist with a 20-minute drum solo when he was 12, and later in projects that amongst other things led to his collaboration with Pantha du Prince. When I wanted to make a remix album, I knew I had to ask Bendik. “ – Gouldian Finch

Bendik HK’s rendition of “Cocoon” transcends mere remixing; it’s a metamorphosis. Infusing elements of nu-wave jungle, electronica, and experimental sounds, Bendik HK crafts an auditory journey that defies convention. From the first beat, listeners are thrust into a world of rhythmic complexity and atmospheric depth, reminiscent of early Burial compositions.

Gouldian Finch’s decision to collaborate with Bendik HK speaks volumes about the latter’s talent and versatility. Having nurtured Bendik’s talent from a young age, Finch recognized his prodigious abilities and enlisted him for this ambitious remix project.

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