Biometrix and Nat James return with potent new single “Heavy Artillery”

Biometrix and Nat James have detonated a musical explosion with their latest collaboration, “Heavy Artillery.” This seismic track, part of the larger TAKE EM ALL EP on Position Music, merges the raw power of Bass and the electrifying beats of Hip-Hop to create an unstoppable force in the world of bass music.

The chemistry between Biometrix and Nat James is palpable, with James’s explosive verses meeting Biometrix’s earth-shaking bass drops head-on. The result is a relentless assault on the senses, an adrenaline-fueled experience that refuses to be ignored. This track serves as a significant introduction to their collaborative EP, promising heart-pounding drops and powerful, heartfelt lyrics that resonate deeply.

Biometrix’s genre-blending expertise shines through, seamlessly incorporating elements from Alternative Rock, Drum and Bass, and Electro. His international acclaim and 300 million global streams attest to his ability to craft a sonically immersive experience. Nat James, known for his high-octane EDM vocals, adds another layer of intensity to the collaboration, with a track record that includes nominations for Best EDM Artist and monumental performances at events like EDC and Tomorrowland.

“Heavy Artillery” is more than a song; it’s a sonic juggernaut that sets a new gold standard in the bass music community. With its relentless energy and transformative sound, this collaboration between Biometrix and Nat James demands attention and signals a groundbreaking moment in music.

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