Champagne Duane and TOPE show us a good time on “Birthdays” [Video]

Champagne Duane and TOPE’s newest collaboration “Birthdays” is that track we didn’t realize we needed in this lockdown season. The upbeat number is produced by TOPE who blends an infectious hip-hop groove from Biggie‘s “Juicy” with the bassline taken from the classic “I Found Loving ” by The Fatback Band. Champagne Duane gives praise to Biggie while celebrating his own birthday while TOPE comes through with an uplifting hook to match.

“Birthdays” was crafted after the two Portland transplant musicians found out they were neighbors and decided to hit the lab to work on some music. Duane came up with the concept for the song and the two built the production from scratch in-studio. Champagne Duane’s vocals flow with ease with an air of confidence and swag that shines through. As the title suggests, it’s all about having a blast on this special day.

The accompanying music video was shot in Xiamen, China, and captures Duane just hanging out in his best threads having fun in the sun. It pays subtle homage to Biggie with the various costume changes ranging from the classic multi-colored Coogi sweater to the silk Versace tops. 

The single serves as Champagne Duane’s first release of 2020. Currently located in China working as a designer for Anta, Duane was raised in Miami before relocating to the West Coast and eventually landing in China all while releasing albums and music videos as an independent hip hop artist. 

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