Charmaine gets personal across “BORDERLINES”

Zimbabwean-born, US-raised, Toronto-based rapper/songwriter Charmaine is not new to us and has quite a slew of upbeat and unapologetic singles that showcased her energetic personality. With quite an interesting childhood that sees her moving from the capital city of Harare in Zimbabwe to Nashville and now to Toronto, Charmaine sure has a lot to speak on when it comes to assimilating cultures amongst other life experiences.

In her new single “Borderlines,” she gets candid and reflects on her journey with her family who have been extremely supportive of her career. Bolstered by a brooding and melancholic soundscape, Charmaine takes listeners deep into her life and shows us that it wasn’t all rosy but through perseverance and determination, she made it through. The verses are detailed and exude vulnerability with a lot of insight while the melodic chorus adds a soulful layer to the record.

No project is attached to the single but no matter, it’s a track that is relatable and perfect to showcase her versatility as an artist who can express her most intimate thoughts on wax.

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