LIZ LOKRE looks to originality and origins on ‘FIRE’

In the midst of a blaze, two things take place: the destruction of the former, and the birth of new beginnings. On FIRE, LIZ LOKRE demonstrates that in fearlessly walking through the flames, we can emerge with a stronger sense of not just what’s lost, but what’s to gain.

FIRE, the last installment of a meticulously crafted trilogy, speaks on finding healing through leaving the past behind. Following the release of EARTH and WATER, FIRE calls on each of us to live with a passion for the present that’s fueled by gratitude for those that came before us.


Walking in ancestral awareness, LOKRE lights ablaze a path on the first track, “Where U Come From”. An offering of thanks to the women who sacrificed so she could be in the present moment, LOKRE uncovers the footsteps her ancestors walked, using their imprints in the ground as her compass. Paying homage to her Indo-Trinidanian heritage, FIRE is a beacon of light in the wilderness that burns with the incense of familiar spices and sounds. Pulsating snares and digital fragments set a tone for the track that is both forward-looking and rooted in the past. History is being made with each step LOKRE takes.

Torch in hand, LOKRE walks deeper along the path on “Fire Interlude”–straight into the nightfall. Hollow percussion bounces off trees and amplifies into the crevasses of nearby caves. LOKRE boldly declares a manifesto – acknowledging all  that she is and all that she is walking into. While LOKRE is walking in the dark, she can see every motion, every figure–with hyper-clarity. Guided by the passion that burns from within, she sets fire to the night. Showing the codependency of darkness’ need for light and light’s need for darkness, LOKRE balances the elements in perfect synergy.

LOKRE reaches the end of her destination on “Edge”. Cast against smouldering electronics and a smoky pop soundscape, “Edge” is a commitment to pursue full-circle healing. LOKRE has experienced all elements to their fullest, and is fully aware that long-lasting healing requires sacrifice. Walking in sync with thumping bass and shimmering synths, LOKRE’ moves forward, sparking a fire in her tracks that consumes all ties that previously held her back.

Emboldened by a freedom that reaches beyond the physical, LOKRE proves that embracing healing takes acknowledging each and every atom of our being. It takes walking in strength and honouring those who came before us. In the midst of life’s craziest fires, we can come out with a sharper sense of all that we are–and all that’s to come.

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