Chlz drops new single “Fire” and EP entitled ‘IV’

Chlz, a singer-songwriter with roots in both Toronto and Vancouver, was raised in a musical household. She went from singing jazz with her grandmother to pursuing degrees in classical music and musical theatre before releasing her debut self-titled EP in 2021. Now she returns to the forefront with the anthemic single “Fire” and EP entitled IV, a 4 track body of work that explores female sensuality and strength using the natural elements of fire, water, air, and earth. The project is a collaboration with producer KYU who produced the entire project. With each track representing each element, listeners are led into a potpourri of sounds with electrifying vocal performance by Chlz whose vocal range and knack for bending genres seamlessly is undeniable.  Led by “Fire”, an anthemic tune that sees Chlz breaking the mould society has placed women in by going against the grain with lines like.

There’s always more the eye can see
Embracing the polarity
I’m ebony – I’m ivory
Breaking down the heiarchy within society
If you’re inquiring what inspires me
It’s mystery – divinity

Chlz holds nothing back and delivers a stunning track that is packed with passion and energy from start to finish.

Listen to IV on Spotify.

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