coolthekid dives into the inner conflicts of his mind on “COOLAID”

Australia-based artist coolthekid dives into the inner conflicts of his mind,  grappling with the fear of irrelevancy and the weight of aging on passionate production “COOLAID.” Showcasing the evolution of his sound, blending sweeping synths, electric guitar swells, and introspective lyrics, the offering is an immersive and captivating exploration.

Referencing a moment in recent history where misguided “love” resulted in heartbreak, the track taps into vulnerability and frustrations with perfect impact.

Reflecting on the inspiration behind “COOLAID”, he shares, “The song came out of a time in my life where I’d been shelved by a label, feeling frustrated with the whole situation. Although the concept initially stemmed from that experience, the song now serves as a reminder and warning of how a relationship built on sacrificing your well-being for the approval of others can lead to disaster.”

Capturing the artist’s drive and dedication, the track which marks a significant coming-of-age moment gives us a glimpse into the forthcoming six-track EP and leaves with excitement for what’s to come.

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