Dana Powell shines with “Mirrors” EP

Dana Powell‘s much-anticipated EP, “Mirrors.” In a harmonious blend of introspective piano compositions and soul-stirring vocals, Dana Powell presents a musical journey that transcends boundaries and resonates with the depth of human emotion.

Recorded at the illustrious Static Shack studio in the heart of Indiana, “Mirrors” exudes a raw authenticity that is masterfully refined. The EP boasts an impeccable production team, with the renowned Philip Larsen, a Grammy Award-winning engineer, lending his magic to the tracks “Say It Won’t Be Long” and the titular “Mirrors.” The hauntingly beautiful “Lie to Me” was perfectly mixed by Austin Deptula, known for his work with music luminary Leann Rimes.

“Mirrors” is a captivating symphony of emotions comprising four meticulously crafted songs spanning 14 minutes and 14 seconds. The EP’s title track, “Mirrors,” is a sublime introduction, drawing listeners into Powell’s musical world with its lush melodies and thought-provoking lyrics. The EP’s emotional crescendo comes with the poignant “Say It Won’t Be Long,” a testament to Powell’s artistry and storytelling depth.

Dana Powell’s “Mirrors” EP embodies artistic exploration, showcasing her prowess as a pianist, vocalist, and songwriter. Each track mirrors the myriad facets of the human experience, inviting listeners to delve into the tapestry of emotions that Powell weaves with her music.

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