Darius Martin immerses you in a lavish adventure on “Options Ft. Story” [Video]

Darius Martin is a Los Angeles based R&B artist sending pulses soaring to new heights with his seductive R&B single “Options Ft. Story”. Written about the sparkling lures and magnetic captivation that is inherent to LA romance, Darius Martin captures the essence of intrigue on his latest single.

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“Options Ft. Story” will absorb the ear in a pool of diluted beats, soft vibrations of percussion, and a suave vocal that commands the microphone with confidence. Darius Martin sings, “Courtside at the Lakers – you a star with no makeup.” Featuring hip-hop gamechanger Story, “Options Ft. Story” will keep tensions high with a pantheon of luxurious voices adding to the milieu of the track. The music video is a theatrical, diamond-drenched saga that pulls Darius and his love interest through an escape of romantic vignettes including a mansion, a spa, and in the driver’s seat of a sports car. “Options Ft. Story” is a pivotal track on the LA scene, speaking volumes to the imaginative realities of the modern world.

Darius Martin received his degree from the Los Angeles Film Institute and has always been a creative, forward thinker. He uses his rich background in the cinematic arts to influence the vivid landscapes he writes about in his music. “Options Ft. Story” is his latest release. Watch the imaginative music video for “Options Ft. Story”.

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