Deeper maintain old habits on jagged single “The Knife”

Prior to the release of their sophomore album this Friday, Deeper share their final single “The Knife.” With a thrilling combination of jagged rhythms and masked vocals, the track is yet another daring tune, paving the band’s intricate post-punk trajectory. Delving into a sonic creativity that explores the hearty earthiness of post-punk, Deeper are shaping the future of the genre.

“The Knife” is a sublime third single from the three-piece that continues to push the boundaries with their releases. With familiar, jangly guitar lines, the Chicago post-punks offer a fresh perspective on maintaining old habits. Offering a nostalgic vibe throughout, the intricate guitar melodies woven within the track are simply inimitable. Filtered through indie licks and repetitive drum beats, “The Knife” is a final insight into what the album has in store for us, and with the brilliance of the first three singles, including EARMILK-approved “Lake Song”, the album will be epic.

“Sometimes we’re unaware of our potential and the gravity of the choices we make in life,” singer and guitarist Nic Gohl explains in a press statement. “We retreat into comfortable situations that perpetuate this cycle and hold us back. ‘The Knife’ is about how maybe subconsciously we don’t want to change and how it feels good to remain in the arms of old habits and familiarity. The coda at the end of the song is the breakthrough moment from this thinking; a realization that we can grow once we understand that taking a leap and being uncomfortable will ultimately lead to greater self-satisfaction.”

The trio’s sophomore album Auto-Pain is out this Friday, May 27th on Friday Talk.

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