Xela is not down with the “Small Talk”

Sydney-based, New Zealand-born singer-songwriter Xela whose moniker is her real name spelt backwards started her career some years ago but has always been involved in music as she draws inspiration from modern contemporary singers such as Victoria Monet, SIR and even Radiohead. She has a broad palette of music as she easily weaves R&B, pop and EDM in the same breath.

Her latest release, titled “Small Talk”, sees her take charge as a woman who knows exactly what she deserves and wants. The laid-back, soul-infused R&B record sees her exuding confidence and pouring out her true intentions in a world that seems to lack real communication. Inspired by how dating has changed with the advent of social media, dating apps and incredibly short attention spans, Xela bemoans all the small talk that occurs at the start of a blossoming relationship and cuts to the chase with the intent to find something meaningful as opposed to fleeting infatuations and flings. Bolstered by a smooth and warm backdrop, Xela delivers a sultry and soul-stirring performance peppered with detailed songwriting.

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