Everybody Eats is out here making “Moves” [Video]

That summer heat is coming early in the form of “Moves,” the latest video from Stockton, CA-based hip hop trio Everybody Eats. “Moves” is all about making them, a message that should resonate with many of the folks out there struggling to stay inspired mid-‘Rona. 

You might remember Everybody Eats’ self-titled debut project from late last year, from which “Moves” derives. That project birthed another killer single and video as well in “Ain’t Shit Changed.” True to their word, Everybody Eats hasn’t changed up their steez one bit—they’re still kicking the same hypnotic beats and WTF-just-happened bars that excited listeners from the get-go.

On “Moves,” producer Jba1k provides the easel for emcees Steve Spiffler and Marco Kane to drop some memorable verses. While they rap about picking up meal tabs and “spittin’ on them lunch lines,” shooter Joel Munoz deftly captures the two spitters roaming around their hometown.

If you’re hungry for more Everybody Eats you won’t have to wait long: they’re dropping another album in the coming weeks. Better get those plates ready.

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