Family Time share their soft, vintage inspired single “New Positions”

There are many factors that play a role in love and the way we navigate our relationships. A huge element can be our insecurities and anxieties. Many times it can be crippling for closeness. Family Time unveils their silky jazz tune “New Positions” detailing the logistics of intimacy. They ponder the profound question, “will my numbers hold by the time we get to morning?”.

The single shines with a certain cinematic elegance. Listeners are swept away by the track’s airy, wistful quality. The warm, charming vocals pair seamlessly with the song’s delicate, textured arrangements.  The vibrant horns, compelling piano and light bass truly bring the piece to life.

The dazzling duo now busily works in a makeshift studio shelter in Berlin.  There they are completing lots of new material and this release gives us a taste of their evolved style. Family Time first burst onto the scene with their renowned hotel tour. They were later also recognized for their 2019 pop opera, The Great Abismo. The two hope this current piece will garner similar praise.  

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