Freak Heat Waves unveil hauntingly psychedelic “Dripping Visions”

Indie psych outfit Freak Heat Waves have returned with a cerebral new single “Dripping Visions” and an outrageous accompanying music video.

The track also comes with the announcement for their upcoming fourth full length album Zap The Planet due September fourth via Telephone Explosion Records. This project will follow up their 44 minute album Beyond Xxxl that came in 2018 as the first effort on Telephone Explosion. Years later, Freak Heat Waves are back with a bang, as “Dripping Visions” is a menacing beast of a track. It’s an ominous slow brew that delivers trippy electronic drones and mysterious vocal and instrumental performances all around. Paired with the whimsical matching visuals of an animated duck drifting through shifting landscapes, this song is a wild trip down the rabbit hole.

The soundscape on “Dripping Visions” is a visceral and startling one; it wails and whines like an apocalypse anthem, acknowledging a certain danger looming over the horizon. Instrumentally, the tribal sounding drums thump like a brewing storm and the guitar runs ring like sirens, providing a daunting scene for the eerie and low vocal performance.

The track progresses slowly but surely, growing thicker and more immersive as it travels deeper into the void. Freak Heat Waves soon bring backing vocals, synth chords, and added ticks and whirs to the drum beat. The scene never fully climaxes, opting instead to run its course and flicker out before overstaying or overstating. It ends in an abrupt, yet poignant fashion that leaves the listener curious and eager for more.

Moving in to album number four, it’s clear that Freak Heat Waves can still keep us guessing with fresh ideas. With this new sound, the band are sharper and more alive than ever, a staggering entity that crafts not songs, but full on psychedelic paintings. You can preorder the upcoming record here.

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